Our aim at Spinatra is to offer a wide selection of great games with rewarding promotions that mean you get the most amount of fun you can get for your money. We want players to not only visit Spinatra, but to stick around for the long time. Making us your preferred Casino destination.

Bitcoin is created mainly as a reward for mining, but this virtual currency may be exchanged for other virtual currencies or fiat money, various products as well as services. Over 100,000 vendors and merchants accepted Bitcoin as payment since 2015. According to sto same recent studies conducted in 2017, there are between 2.9 and 5.8 million users using a virtual currency wallet and most of them are using Bitcoin. The Bitcoin system like we said uses a top-notch peer-to-peer technology in order to operate with no any authority like banks managing Bitcoin transactions. The issuing of Bitcoin is entirely carried out collectively by the network. It should be noted that nobody controls and owns Bitcoin and that everyone from all over the world can take part. Bitcoin allows very exciting uses which couldn’t be carried by any traditional payment systems. It allows fast and secure peer-to-peer worldwide transactions and payments in low processing fees.

We aim to be accesible 24/7 and give you a range of deposit and withdrawal options that enable you to play whenever you want and have easy access to any winnings that result from playing on our site. Quality assurance is key to us and we ensure strict security controls with integrity being core to the ethos of our site.

We have implemented the most effective 256 bit S.S.L. (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption software to secure your privacy. You have our assurance that your data is safe.

We want to hear about anything that will help the site and subsequently benefit the player. So if there are areas you feel we can improve in or games you want to see on site feel free to drop us an email. We are all ears!

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